Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today, The A-Team succeeded in completing it's task!

We built a cart that was supposed to be under 5 lbs and be able to carry a 10 lbs weight. It had to move a specified distance and return half way, under stored human energy. We chose to use the 10lbs weight as our potential energy storage. We had a height limit of 4 ft and used the full extent of that height as our storage method.

The three runs were:
  1. 50 ft forward -> 25 ft back - Perfect!
  2. 40 ft forward -> 20 ft back - We didn't quick make it, but were only off by a bit
  3. 30 ft forward -> 15 ft back - Perfect!
Dr. Nisbett and his two T.A.'s were very impressed that we were able to accomplish the mission so completely. Now, I also need to let it be known that the distance was actually measured using 'zones'. Each zone was approx. 5 ft long, so you only had to keep your vehicle in the zone.

Once I can get it set up, I'll be posting my previous projects, as well as current project as additions to the blog, or my website:

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