Friday, April 27, 2007

Victory Lap

We got our results back today for ME161's design challenge... I think the numbers will speak for themselves:
Team Weight, lbs, oz Weight
Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Total Rank
Finish Line 4,14 0 300 300 100 533.33 1
Creative Innovations 3,15 0 300 200 200 533.33 1
Employees Must Wash Hands 4,15.6 0 300 240 160 533.33 1
A-Team 5,1.4 0.09 300 240 300 529.25 2
Mercury 4,15.4 0 160 300 160 506.67 3

We are the A-Team. We had the best, most consistent runs out of any of the twenty other groups to compete. The only thing that held us back was our weight. We are pleased, but also very disappointed by the results. A little more than 4 points and we would have won.

Anyway, here is our team picture with our car!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today, The A-Team succeeded in completing it's task!

We built a cart that was supposed to be under 5 lbs and be able to carry a 10 lbs weight. It had to move a specified distance and return half way, under stored human energy. We chose to use the 10lbs weight as our potential energy storage. We had a height limit of 4 ft and used the full extent of that height as our storage method.

The three runs were:
  1. 50 ft forward -> 25 ft back - Perfect!
  2. 40 ft forward -> 20 ft back - We didn't quick make it, but were only off by a bit
  3. 30 ft forward -> 15 ft back - Perfect!
Dr. Nisbett and his two T.A.'s were very impressed that we were able to accomplish the mission so completely. Now, I also need to let it be known that the distance was actually measured using 'zones'. Each zone was approx. 5 ft long, so you only had to keep your vehicle in the zone.

Once I can get it set up, I'll be posting my previous projects, as well as current project as additions to the blog, or my website:


I christen thee blog!